Double Glazed Windows and Doors

We offer you uPVC double glazed windows and doors and French doors which are suitably designed for every situation. To focus on their carbon foot print and the risen cost for heating your house, we offer you a range of windows and doors that has been tested at -c40 and with wind speed at up to 90 mph. We also guarantee that our double glazed window and door comply with all current building regulations.

uPVC double glazed windows provide you many benefits such as:

  • Strengthen security
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Extra warmth
  • Durability and long last
  • Value of property increase for selling or renting

Residential Doors

Your front uPVC door deals with creating a style and a look which you desire for your property. No matter what type you need, there are a plenty of replaced doors for your house, which are available at our extensive selection. There is a huge variety which is available including simple doors and the ornate ones. It is your choice. Both glass and panel are designed for fitting for an uPVC door so as to create invaluable options such as side screens, midtrial, and arched frames.

Composite Doors

For the ultimate security, strength and good look, the concept of Composite door cannot be beaten. Its unique monocoque construction is the same principle as racing cars are made. They are so strong and light, that are used to make a composite door as a rugged performer, and be able to withstand the most determined attack from any intruder.

Sliding Doors

Available in white or foiled uPVC to match our Evolution windows perfectly and like our other products, Sliding Doors incorporate the highest security features with anti-pick hook locks and anti-lift features as standard.

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