Procurement Services

What is Procurement Service?

Procurement is about ensuring the goods or services get to the customer at the right, time, price, quality, quantity, and place while ensuring that the following basic procurement principles are fully adhered to:

a) Best value for money
b) Fairness, integrity and transparency
c) Effective competition

Why Mekong Market’s Procurement Service?

Mekong Market Procurement Service provides selling and/or buying process for public or private companies, organizations, hotels and embassies to sell and/or buy in large quantity new or used items such as office furniture and equipment, household furniture and appliances, including warehousing.

Our selling process includes both online and onsite auction. The online auction is done through our partner’s professional and reliable website

Our buying process is done directly from our suppliers or from international e-commerce websites such as,,,

With our services, if you are selling:

- You save cost and space for your unused items staying in the warehouse
- You save time because your items are disposed in different efficient selling means
- You sell the best price possible through Auction

With our services, if you buying:

- You save money because our (online) suppliers offer us good deals
- You save time to ship your items with our fast and competitive logistic service by air or by sea from foreign countries such as USA, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam

Mekong Market provides procurement service for:

- Governmental Organizations
- Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
- Embassies
- Institutions
- Hotels
- Universities

Who are our Clients?
1. US Embassy in Cambodia

15th August 2012: Mekong Market signed Memorandum of Understanding with US Embassy in Cambodia to dispose their used items including household furniture and appliances, office furniture and equipment, computers and vehicles.

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