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Kitchens or cooking areas have traditionally been the heart of any residence. At Mekong Moderne we carry on this traditional but in new and exciting ways with a range of high quality kitchen collections that offer our customers contemporary solutions that can not only meet their expectations but also enhance their lifestyles. Starting with European standard furniture choices , German quality fittings and the option to include state of the art technology our collections also offer options where the many different cooking and dining experiences from our region, the rest of Asia and the world can be enjoyed by family and friends.

At Mekong Moderne , our team of designers with up to 25 year-experience understand that people have different expectations, individual tastes and varying budgetary constraints. To meet these variations, our Collections offer a great deal of flexibility while maintaining the highest level of functionality. Each collection has been designed in what we call component parts. The components are the different types of furniture items such as an islandbar, or overhead cupboard that are then put together to make the whole kitchen. To add further flexibility, components are then available in a number of options that still maintain the integrity of the overall kitchen design. Spatial and layout requirements can then be easily met by choosing components from the appropriate collection and the appropriate components within the collection.

Our Collections also offer a range of options to meet customers’ budget constraints. Starting with the Intro range which offers a base set of high quality kitchen furniture components, customers then have a choice of moving up to our Select range by adding more components, features and fittings . Our Premier range is our summit with a full complement of components and features, the best in finishes and state of the art technology.

Finish your kitchen by choosing from our range of colors and materials and see the various patterns and lighting options we offer to truly have all your expectations met and a kitchen that is unique to you.

The Mekong Moderne collections of quality kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room furniture are designed and produced by the Architecture and Interior Design team of the PM Group Ltd.

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