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There is a growing problem of people’s health due to the poor quality of food that is being consumed by modern society so that we decided to take a part in improving this situation by introducing customers to our range of local organic food.

What is organic food? Why do we promote local organic food? Why should they be the best option for you? Organic food is kind of chemical-free food which is locally planted and produced by Cambodian farmers specializing in each province in Cambodia. Buying our organic food does not only bring advantages to your health, but it is also an effective support for local farmers to keep their job continuity. Further, we are playing in a major role in the development of the organic food industry. Also, we believe our role will have a flow-on benefit to our Cambodian farmers and provide increasing job opportunities at every level of agribusiness area.

We commit to promoting and supplying organic, chemical-free food which is not only benefit your health but they are also tasty and enjoyable to eat.

Why supporting us is a considerable option?

  1. You are supporting and enabling Cambodian agricultural and manual sectors. Our farmers are friendly to the global environment.
  2. We ensure the integrity of our products as we supply only those that are produced by reliable sources such as Natural Garden, Happy Farm, Cedac, and our specific and sustainable suppliers from each ‘special flavour’ province in Cambodia.

Are you exhausted of searching for healthy food or special flavored food at the markets or spending a long journey heading to each specialized province? There is a better way. Here we are, click on our Mekong online website to see our unharmed products and make a call to order. They include vegetable, special flavor fruit, and the tasty recipes that are unique to each province in Cambodia, organic rice, meat, and groceries.

So if you are looking for healthy food produced in Cambodia and want to support sustainable agriculture, visit our website to discover our products. .

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